Welcome to Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC. We are a group of likeminded cattlemen with a vision, and the experience and desire to give Florida its first born and raised beef in decades-Rare Beef Well Done.
What is the value of Rare Beef Well Done? In a word, SUSTAINABILITY- By bringing back homegrown Florida beef we are helping make Florida sustainable on multiple levels-the environment, open spaces, wildlife habitats, our natural resources, the economy, local businesses, family ranches and the cattle industry.

What most Floridians haven’t known until now is that the beef they buy in Florida is either from other states or is from cattle that were raised in Florida until weaned, then loaded on trucks and shipped to states out west to be fed until harvesting.
What’s changed?- We’ve created a way to feed our cows here in Florida, and our state farmers are now able to grow enough healthy food for them to eat.

The bottom Line-Bringing cattle production from birth to fork back to Florida makes a difference to all Floridians. Together we are building a Sustainable Florida.


Our beef comes from quality yearlings that live less-stressed, wholesome and natural lives in one state. No long distant rides out west. We leave our yearlings to graze, feed and water without overworking and processing. We pen them only when necessary and for as little time as possible. A short in and out. We believe this type of life helps to produce better beef, both in taste and quality.

We have established protocols and best management practices for our ranchers to assure that all our cows are raised in a wholesome and humane manner.

All our beef is certified by the USDA meeting or surpassing their strict oversight requirements. That’s the beef we are willing to put our name on -Florida Cattle Ranchers.


From Left to Right: Woody Larson, Alex Johns, Dr. Robert Gukich, DVM, Roger Clift, Don Quincey, Dr. Simon Timmerman, DVM, MS- Consultant, Rick Carlson- Consultant, Bo Hobby, Gene Lollis, Ken Griner, Cary Lightsey, Dan Ryals, Brad Etheridge, Doyle Carlton, III. Not Pictured- Jim Strickland.

Our founding members come from all walks of life. While all are in the family ranching business, some also work as veterinarians or in animal nutrition. Some have additional business interests or serve as board members of cattle, conservation or charitable organizations throughout Florida. We have a number of multi-generational ranching family members- one going as far back as nine generations- while another’s Seminole ancestors have been raising cattle in Florida since the 1500’s. FCR also has a few first generation ranching family members who have either returned to their cattle heritage or started new operations for their children and grandchildren to grow up on.