Mr. Henry C. Yates – Circle Y Groves, LLC

My name is Henry C Yates, owner of Circle Y Groves, LLC in St. Cloud, FL. We had the opportunity to send several loads of varying weights and sizes of calves to Charlie Creek Livestock. I found everyone to be great, energetic people who took care of my cattle. They gained weight and were doctored if needed. After picking them up on the weight gain program, I had several options: 1. Carry on to higher weights, 2. Keep some better quality calves, 3. Sell with added bloom and gain. I would recommend Charlie Creek to anyone and will use them over and over in my operation.

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  1. Good morning. Ed Dean here with Daystar Farms near Ocala. We raise registered and commercial angus cattle. We have been sending our commercial heifers and steers to Iowa.
    We are interested in sending our commercial calves to a Florida feedlot and having the harvest done in Florida.
    Thank you
    Ed Dean
    Daystar Farms

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