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Why precondition at Charlie Creek Livestock?
The benefits of preconditioning with Charlie Creek Livestock begins at arrival. Once the cattle arrive at the ranch they follow one of two protocols depending on where they originated from. Sale barn cattle can prove more difficult because of the high stress environment they have been in. The protocol for ranch cattle varies from ranch to ranch due to the specific needs of each ranch. We typically use the following protocol with a few modifications for sale barn calves:

  • Modified Live Virus IBR/BVD
  • Intranasal Pasteurella
  • Multimin
  • White Wormer Drench
  • Injectable Wormer
  • Fly Control
  • PI Test (sale barn calves only)
  • Draxxin or Excede (high risk calves)
  • ID Ear Tag
  • Probiotic Drench

At 3 to 4 weeks they receive:

  • Booster Vaccine
  • Injectable Wormer
  • Fly Control
  • Castration and Branding upon customer request

Upon arrival the cattle are started on a custom blend medicated 16% feed. After they are settled, cattle are moved to larger grass traps with plenty of shade trees where our health riders continue to monitor the cattle twice a day seven days a week. The feed is increased to 3% of their body weight. The projected weight gain is 2 pounds per day over the 60 day program.

To boost energy levels they are given a weaning ration of syrup enhanced with Bio-moss. Bio-moss is an all natural additive that helps to decrease the need for antibiotics.

We will customize our Protocol to fit you and your program. Our goal is to build equity in your cattle, so you are confident they are ready for the next step!

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